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We courageously invest in New Systems that provide Indigenous Peoples with a path to invest in themselves: new skills, new education, and new businesses.

IPF Recent Projects

Committed to helping developing nations and communities

Uganda Chicken

Uganda Chicken Project

“Greenwave Agro” will provide up to 100 chickens, chicken coops, and 1-month supply of feed to each of 400 farmers in Uganda. Farmers will be trained to raise chickens, gather and sell eggs from laying hens, and sell mature meat chickens.

Honduras Cow

Honduras Milk Cows

School children, who would not normally be able to receive milk on a daily basis are able to receive this nutrition, and also other people who struggle with obtaining enough food especially in the rainy season are able to benefit from this project.

Tilapia Fish Ponds

Honduras Tilapia Fish Ponds

Providing for the construction of Tilapia fish ponds that would be able to provide a sustainable food source for the families of these Honduras communities.



o serve and empower the Indigenous Peoples of the world to help them develop environmentally sound and self-sustaining agricultural, financial, education and business systems.

To serve Indigenous Peoples by helping them educate themselves and ensure that they have access to primary and secondary schools, and technically specialized schools, as well as educational classes, workshops, booklets, manuals and other specialized materials.

To serve Indigenous Peoples through economic systems education, entrepreneur training, business development classes and practical hands on learning opportunities.

To serve Indigenous Peoples by providing the latest and best available environmentally green and self-sustaining agricultural educational resources.

To help establish locally controlled financial systems relevant to the culture and needs of the local communities, and owned by Indigenous Peoples.

To identify and help Indigenous Peoples develop infrastructure and community technology that will serve their needs, such as roads, irrigation systems, potable water source development, waste and recycling systems, power generation and distribution, communication systems, schools, orphanages, senior care centers and health clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about the Indigenous People’s Foundation? (IPF)

IPF is all about helping Indigenous Peoples solve their own problems, make their own choices, and live out their destinies.

How is IPF’s approach different?

We work with Indigenous leaders to identify systemic problems that can be solved with a project investment, rather than making donations that leave them dependent on donors.

What do you mean by “solved”?

We look for projects that lead to self-sufficiency and self-sustainability.

What is an example of such a project?

A remote village has a number of unemployed widows, homeless orphans, and there is a limited supply of clean drinking water and retail goods are scarce. A sample project would entail drilling a well, filtering and bottling the water, and arranging for the purchase and transport of retail goods at more attractive prices. Widows would be engaged to house and feed the orphans, who would become employed selling bottled water and retail goods. The village elders would ensure the fair treatment of the widows and orphans in the marketplace. Excess funds can be used to engage tutors for schooling the Widows and Orphans.

What about agriculture?

Another project involves teaching people to operate successful chicken farms. Initially, they harvest and sell eggs, and sell meat birds. Over time, they raise the grains and other feed that the chickens require. Along the way, children are taught to farm, care for animals, sell products, and operate a business. Excess profits can be used to loan money to start additional chicken farming operations.

Does IPF have any geographic, cultural, racial, or religious restrictions?


Meet the IPF Team

The Indigenous Peoples Foundation (IPF) is the initial growth stage as an organization, and the Directors and Officers also function as staff. As we grow, we will need to expand our Board, add staff, and network more broadly with other organizations that pursue similar goals with their unique passion and DNA. We invite your interest and engagement with us as we seek to serve Indigenous Peoples in their quest to be self-sufficient, self-sustaining, and able to serve others in their quest.

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