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Nepal-2016 (140)We have always had a interest in the country of Nepal. The former kingdom is the highest nation on earth, a nation steeped in mystery and surrounded by mystique. We have maintained relationships with the people of Nepal for many years, and when we heard of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake to hit in April of 2015 we wanted to do something to help out.

There was a lot of help coming in through governments, but because of the devastation it was some time before regular travel to the county was reopened. Travel was never limited for citizens, so we began immediately to work with Nepalese whom we had mutual relationships with and through others who were recommended to us. We sent what help we could, and assisted in coordination it so it could be used where it was most needed, being flexible to the needs of the locals, and the people on the ground in-county.Nepal-2016 (61)x2

We were able to send help with teams of Nepalese citizens living in India and other countries, and keep track of the progress. In 2016 we were able to visit personally and see how things were going. We were very pleased with how things had gone, and how those whom we were working with had stewarded the resources that they were granted. We will continue to work in Nepal and look forward to building businesses and co-ordinating progress among the wonderful people that we know there, and new leaders that we have come to know through this project.

Lloyd Phillips, Fellow Laborers’ Int’l Network www.flintnet.org Vice President, Treasurer, Indigenous Peoples Foundation.

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